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Eye Specialists Treating a Wide Range of Eye Problems

Your eyesight is precious. The chances are you value your sight above any of your senses. Nothing beats settling down to your favourite movie, flicking through photos of your friends and family or reading an exciting new novel on a Sunday afternoon.

So problems with your eyes threaten so much more than just your sight. They impact the things you love. Finding out you may have a problem is frightening. No doubt you are nervous about treatment options and anxious at the prospect of surgery. However, having treatment with Mr Ahmed El-Amir truly means that there is no reason to worry. Mr Ahmed El-Amir is a highly experienced and skilled in safeguarding your eyesight. Our overall service is swift, effective and sympathetic to your needs and we always give you special treatment:

  • High quality – We provide premium standard healthcare.
  • Personalised – You are not just a number to us.
  • Immaculate – Clean, state of the art facilities.
  • Responsive – You never have to wait for appointments, test results or treatments.
  • We are able to help you with a wide range of ailments.

If you experience any of the following problems, please contact us for advice:

  • Floaters in the eye
  • Macular degeneration
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Retinal tear
  • Central vein occlusion
  • Cataracts
  • Vitreous haemorrhage
  • General ophthalmic ailments

We would love to schedule a consultation to discuss your eyesight and come up with your personal treatment plan. You will get the chance to discuss all those things you want to know about conditions and treatments but were afraid to ask. We are proud to offer:

  • Expertise in Vitreo-retinal surgery
  • FemtoSecond Laser Cataract Surgery
  • Advanced treatment of AMD (CentraSight Telescope)
  • New ways to treat Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Microchip Contact Lenses

The likelihood is your eye problem can be fixed with our safe and simple treatment options. Catching a problem as early as possible will always improve your chances of a full recovery.

Long-term support for you and your eyes

In most cases, your recovery is straightforward. We will always give you clear instructions of what to do when you get home and give you everything your eyes could need. We will not just leave you to fend for yourself and always give each and every patient our unique aftercare package. That means you will have our support for up to a year after your treatment. Got a worry? Simply get in touch. Has your condition deteriorated? We are only ever a phone call away.