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Eye treatments that are safe and effective

No matter how minor, any loss of vision is scary. Furthermore, serious conditions can be life changing. We understand how worried you are about getting your sight back and how nervous the idea of eye surgery makes you.


The good news is you are in the right place. Mr Ahmed El-Amir is a leading ophthalmologist, extremely experienced in traditional eye surgery and a pioneer in innovative procedures. The Harley Street Eye Clinic, London Team understand your concerns and fears. As a result, every phone call, every appointment, every treatment and every moment with us is handled with kindness and compassion.

Step-by-step support for your eye problem

No doubt you are worried about your condition, and even more apprehensive about seeking treatment. Our solution is to talk. The more you know about your eye problem, the more in control you will feel. Many seemingly scary eye problems and treatments are, in fact, nothing to worry about. You will always be speaking directly with your surgeon during your consultation and because you are not just a number to us, you can take all the time in the world to discuss the details (if you so wish).

Long-term support

In most cases, your recovery is straightforward. We will always give you clear instructions of what to do when you get home and give you everything your eyes could need. We do not just leave you to fend for yourself and always give each and every patient our unique aftercare package.

To book a consultation at The Harley Street Eye Clinic, please call us on 020  7060 0086. We will make an appointment at a time that suits you.

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